Competition Master Plan


A zone-based mental training guide that prepares the fencer for competition from the first touch to the last touch through use of mental rehearsal.

The Competition Master Plan is a mental training routine which prepares the fencer for competition from start to finish. It has 3 components: 1. Mental Training Program – The audio guided mental training script is the core element of the Competition Master Plan. It is enhanced by video, so that it can be used either in the traditional fashion with eyes closed – or with eyes open. 2. Master Plan Overview – A narrated point which briefly describes the theory of mental training and offers guidance in the use of the Master Plan audio-video program. 3. Master Plan Mini-Seminar – Includes text versions of the Mental Training Program and the Master Plan Overview. — Performance routines prepare the athlete for competition by anticipating challenges, by developing an action plan and by rehearsing this plan – so that it is ready to use when needed. The Competition Master Plan presents a fencing specific performance routine which incorporates intensity control, concentration, self-talk, and imagery.