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Fencing Sport Psychology’s training guides help you tap into your full potential using proven training techniques.

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Fencing Sport Psychology’s Training Materials prepare the fencer for a competitive environment which demands rapid cognition, complex decision making, frequent attention shifting, instinct-like action and intensity control. Fencing Sport Psychology’s overall sport psychology program encompasses performance and health, on and off the strip.

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Dr. John Heil, DA, FAASP, FAPA

Dr. John Heil is a sport and clinical psychologist with Psychological Health Roanoke. He works with Olympic, professional and aspiring athletes, and has consulted at 3 Olympic Games. Dr. Heil also works in police and public safety, and in the medical field, where he is widely published in the psychology of sport injury.

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Organizational response is the tipping point in any incident where social justice is in question. This paper seeks to explain how organizations with a noble mission, such as institutions of higher educational and sports organizations, fail to adequately recognize and intervene in instances of sexual violation, and in so doing tolerate and even enable such abuse.

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Dr. Heil Featured in Sport, Exercise and Performance Psychology

Dr. Heil Featured in Sport, Exercise and Performance Psychology

Dr. Heil was recently published in the book Sport, Exercise and Performance Psychology - Theories and Applications. He contributed to a chapter titled "Sport injury: psychological consequences and management strategies." This book brings together world-class...


The Big Point – 15 Ways to Win the 14-14 Bout

The Big Point – 15 Ways to Win the 14-14 Bout

Is it “la belle,” the beautiful or “schrecklich,” the terrible? How you approach the touch will determine the answer. Because it may be the most important touch of the day, it merits forethought and special preparation. Clearly, there is no short cut, no hidden secret...

Sport Psychology for the Injured Athlete

Sport Psychology for the Injured Athlete

To an athlete, injury can be annoying or devastating, or fall anywhere in between. The ability to avoid injury and to return to play quickly when injured, are critical to success. When injury does occur it is useful to approach rehabilitation as part of the game that...

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