Deep Sleep


Deep Sleep is a mental training method which blends the science of self-regulation and the art of mindfulness.

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The components of “Deep Sleep” draw on the biology of intensity control, including regulated breathing and muscular relaxation, as well as, the psychology of mindfulness, which includes methods for mental quieting and refocusing. 

Sleep is a fundamental human need, and a critical part of the natural cycle of work and rest. Disrupted sleep is a common problem, with potentially far-reaching implications.

Learning effective sleep management practices is an essential life skill. This rests primarily on the ability to create a relaxed body and quiet mind. Teaching this skill set is the goal of Deep Sleep.

Sleep is part medical science and part mystery. It is at once a complex neurological process essential to recovery and rejuvenation, and doorway into imagination and possibility. 

Deep Sleep has 2 components. 

1- The Deep Sleep Mental Training Program – This audio guided mental training exercise is enhanced by video, so that it can be used either in the traditional fashion with eyes closed – or with eyes open. It can be accessed in a separate file. 

2-The Deep Sleep Guide Book – This text document includes a sleep management Tutorial and a Transcript of the Deep Sleep Mental Training Program. The Tutorial describes the theory and methods used in constructing the Mental Training Program and offers guidance for personal practice. A copy of the Transcript is provided to enable users to study the program in detail and to develop a customized and personalized approach to sleep management.