Let's expand your website's sponsorship section.

This limited, exclusive offer is only being made available to the leadership of:

  • Golden Gate Fencing Center in San Francisco, 
  • Salle Auriol in Seattle,
  • Alliance Fencing in Houston,
  • Nellya Fencers in Atlanta, and
  • Fencing Academy Philadelphia.

The aim is for all five clubs to agree to this favor and choose to support this outreach offer.

Proposal Summary: 

  1. Costs you no money. Rather, payment comes with a simple trade with home-page sponsor links.
  2. You get quality content that values more than $1,500, 
  3. You'll get an additional income stream for gathering other sponsors.
Fencers with one in a leap

Numerous sports psychology training guides from Dr. Heil can be leveraged within your program with your coaches and volunteers as you see fit.

John Heil head view

Dr. John Heil, sports psychologist and author from Roanoke, Virginia.

We're seeking your webmaster's help so these three sponsor links are inserted at the bottom of your home page.


Dr. Heil's Fencing site

You'll have his ebook titles already in your library, but we'd love to promote them with this link.

Fencing Sport Psychology logo

Ebook collection from Dr. Heil:

Deep Sleep, $29.
Psychology of Sport Injury (2nd Edition), $19.
Fencing's Stripside Coaching, $15.
Mind-Body Relaxation for Fencing, $33.
Fencing's Competition Master Plan, $33.
Zen Centering, $29.

You'll get coupons for 10-copies of each title.


Sponsor: HomeLife

This real estate firm helps to underwrite this outreach program and wants to be a sponsor on your site. Logo has a custom link to agents in your community is provided in follow-up email to your webmaster.

HomeLight logo square clipped

Customized code and graphics are provided to your webmaster with an email as we proceed.


Getting Additional Sponsorship Income

We'll build a secure, custom, ecommerce back-end system that allows your site the ability to conduct passive sponsorship sales for others who wish to support your club.

Ad logo

By way of example, see the pop-up that appears when clicking on the logo on the home pages of ISCA and Buckeye Swim Club.

Suggested annual sponsorship donation with logo and link is $200. 
Your club gets 50% of the income of the first donor/sponsor and 75% of the income of all additional sponsors.

To proceed: We'll need to communicate with your webmaster. 


  • Dr. John Heil works on the science committee with the International Swim Coaches Association.
  • The webmaster, Mark Rauterkus, works for both Dr. Heil and ISCA.
  • Limited offers are being tested with fencing and swimming clubs.
  • Your support is appreciated.